Customer Testimonials

  • The numbers don’t lie. I‘ve gone from 3,000 email subscribers to 8,200 in the short time since I switched to Author Reach. My “open” rate is always above 50% and the click rate on promotions, giveaways and book launches always exceed my expectations. The cost is significantly lower than the other “service” I used.

    The staff at Author Reach are hands on, approachable, and always go the extra mile to help me succeed. They actually talk to you! Find that at another faceless email marketing company! It is a ”service” to authors in every meaning of the word.

    Micheal Maxwell

    Best Selling Author of the Cole Sage Series

  • I can't say enough good things about the folks over at AuthorReach. After two disappointing experiences with other providers, my bar for success was pretty low, but AuthorReach blew that bar into space.

    First, they impressed me by asking for a phone call before activating my account. During that call, they told me all about their mission and why they're passionate about authors. Super cool.

    But then...I'm pretty sure I walked around with my jaw hanging open for a couple of days. Why? Because AuthorReach migrated my entire mailing list FOR ME! They duplicated my automation from my previous mailing list, updated my website mailing list form, and even created a Facebook bot for me. All as part of the service.

    Now, if that wasn't enough, my very first campaign had almost double the engagement rate! My second campaign? I sent that to a segment of readers who'd signed up for my mailing list through a contest. Typically, my engagement rate for that segment is down in the teens. With AuthorReach I had close to a 50% open rate and a 25% click rate!

    I'm so happy I switched. I can't wait to see how my mailing list grows with AuthorReach.

    Patricia D. Eddy

    Self-published author, therapist, & psychology professor

  • [Author Reach] made the whole [migration from my old email service] process so easy. They did ALL the work.

    After just three days, I have already added 602 new subscribers to my own list.

    Author Reach is designed just for authors, so you get unique and focused service, and you save money.

    Blair Howard

    Amazon best-selling author of the Harry Starke series

  • Author Reach has a lot of neat features, top-notch customer support, and the potential to be every writer's one-stop shop for cultivating and caring for an awesome newsletter fan base.

    Julie Gilbert

    Self-published author of Ashlynn's Dreams

  • The guys at Author Reach do a great job at email marketing and creating nice landing pages for your free giveaways.... I don't usually endorse other companies, but I've met Corey, one of the founders, and could tell he's in this for the same reason as me -- to help authors and to provide great customer service.

    Jeffrey from The Fussy Librarian

  • With Author Reach, I was able to triple my subscriber list in about a month. The engaging support, proven system, and ease of use make Author Reach a must have for any author wanting to expand their platform!

    Jed Jurchenko

    Self-published author, therapist, & psychology professor

  • Author Reach is a great email marketing tool specifically designed for the author. I haven't seen anything else like it out there. With a lead generation page where people can sign up and download your free book, to setting up messenger bots on Facebook, they are on the cutting edge of what it takes to build your brand and your email list. I am also impressed with the time they took to talk to me, not only through emails, but by phone and video conference. They are a great partner to further any author's career, and I highly recommend them!

    Colleen Helme

    Best-selling author of the Shelby Nichols Adventure Series

  • In a week, I gained 766 new subscribers and had as many downloads for my book, A NEW PROSPECT... Read the full review

    Wayne Zurl

    Self published author at Authors Guild of Tennessee

  • I had Author Reach setup my FB Bot for me, which was an excellent use of time. I was able to provide the customized text I desire people to see when they sign up as well as the links they'll receive. There's a bit of technical know-how that goes into the setup, and it was nice for me to hand it over to Author Reach to handle instead of taking time out of writing. I highly recommend letting Author Reach handle the technical aspects so you can focus on writing and promoting.

    Angela J. Ford

    Self published author of The Four World Series

  • As a serious indie author I have researched platforms for building a mailing list and managing and automating my own list. I have extensive experience with one of the largest companies. When I came across Author Reach I liked what I heard but I was reluctant to change. After a conversation or two with the men behind the curtain at Author Reach, I jumped in. Boy, am I glad I did. Here's why:

    First, Author Reach provides an easy to use platform to manage my mailing list that includes automation that rivals the best of other sites. But they don't stop there. Unlike the other sites who service a huge variety of businesses and products, Author Reach is uniquely dedicated to authors and their needs. They provide tons more, like a landing page for your book made with easy to use templates that is perfect for capturing subscribers. I feature the first book in my Raja Williams mystery thriller series for free there and I get regular sign ups organically. Author Reach also encourages interaction between authors and will assist with cross or group promotions. I just did one with another author that netted me another 600 subscribers to my list in less than a week.

    Customer service is always important to me. I'm no tech whiz and sometimes I need a little gentle hand holding to get me through. Author Reach has a team dedicated to helping authors succeed, and it really shows. They have videos to help with the routine stuff, and are always willing to walk me through the details when I need help.

    With other companies I felt strictly like a customer, nothing more. With Author Reach I have a team.

    Jack Thompson

    Author of Raja Williams Mystery Thriller Series