Is my information protected when I sign up?

Yes. All authors are obligated to follow all laws and industry standard protection of contact information. We never sell your contact information for any reason.  We also protect all information with industry standard security protection.

How are my name and email used when I follow an author or sign up for a free book?

Once you supply your email, you are giving authors permission to email you.  The typical use of your email will be to send you updates, information on new book releases, promotions, discounts, and other similar information about the author and their books. Authors follow standards that do not allow for sending too many emails and will never SPAM.

Are there any limits to the number of authors I can follow, or the number of books I can download for free?

No limits!  You are welcome to follow as many authors as you like and we encourage it.  It’s the best way to stay up to date with authors you like and keep great books coming your way.  

I signed up for a free book but did not receive it.  What do I do?

First check your SPAM folder.  Unfortunately, it goes in there sometimes.  If you find the email in there, be sure to add the sender to your contact list.  That's the best way to prevent future emails from getting lost.  

Gmail Users: Also check your promotional tab.  If you find it there and would prefer for it to go to your inbox next time, follow these instructions.

If you still can't find it, next try to sign up again.  Sometimes people accidentally enter their email incorrectly.